Consultancy - Professionals at Work

Our consultants will assist you in planning, designing, implementing and operating world class ARC’s. Processes include sales/marketing strategies, technical installation team management, call center operation development, ARC layout and execution. With over 10 years of experience covering over 4000 ARC’s, you need not seek any other resource...

AEyes - Online Video Surveillance

AEyes is turning the industry inside out with never before used technologies designed specifically for the ease of use for end users. The Web enabled and fully automated system will increase recurring revenue subscriptions within the industry pathing the future of win-win scenarios.

ATraq - The Intelligent Alarm Monitoring Software Solution

Now you can open a new era in professional alarm monitoring services. A-traq is by far the most fast adapting monitoring software automation in the business. It is the first software automation to be developed in line with the requests of end users and not according to receiver or panel manufacturers.

AGuard - Security has a new super hero

Super heroes cannot be manufactured, cannot be simulated and cannot be imitated. Introducing Aguard; a revolutionary new automation that will lay the path to the future of the security industry. An online, real-time procedural tracking automation using state of the art technology to monitor the whereabouts of your security guard, cleaning or technical personnel. Create tours, rounds and other procedures in just seconds, monitor and report all activities with just the click of a button.

At your fingertips

Comon Professionals has a variety of solutions for the security systems industry whether they be electronic solution providers or physical guard providers. All your requirements are at the tip of your finger.

Award winning projects

Today Comon Professionals has helped thousands of companies grow much faster whilst maintaining measurable total customer satisfaction throughout the globe.

Mobile Solutions

All solutions developed by Comon Professionals allow full mobility of the solutions scaled to your requirements.

Welcome to Comon Professionals

Comon Professionals, founded in 2002, is a security systems consultant and central alarm monitoring automation software developer for the international market. Until today Comon Professionals has supplied many services throughout the world with one main goal on mind:

"...whether it be for the local or international market, our aim is to find the best fully usable solution using state of the art scientific research and connecting human with affordable high technology for today, yet laying the path for tomorrow..."

Although Comon Professionals is a young and dynamic company, the solutions provided are supported by many years of experience and know-how only gathered scientifically through professional international site surveys and firm relationships with many known international and local associations. Comon Professionals is recognised by many strategic partners throughout the world such as Sun Microsystems, HP, Tyco, etc as a solution provider for central alarm monitoring stations.